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Coupon Acceptance Policy

UPTOWN GROCERY CO accepts legitimate printable coupons that consumers receive via retailer and manufacturer websites and email campaigns, through interactive advertising and promotions on web publisher sites, and from legitimate online coupon sites.

Printable Coupons will be accepted per the guidelines below…Uptown Grocery Co will only accept printed or printable coupons if they scan properly at time of checkout

  • Uptown Grocery Co accepts “FREE product” Uptown Grocery Co coupons from our website, as well as manufacturers “FREE Product” coupons, with Store Director approval. (Many “FREE Product” coupons are actually counterfeit)
  • Uptown Grocery Co will not redeem coupons for more than the current product price. Ex: If coupon allows $1.00 off a product and product is currently priced at 92¢, the coupon value will be entered by cashier at 92¢.
  • Guest will not be paid any overage, or overage used as credit toward other grocery items purchased.
  • Coupons will only be redeemed for the amount printed on coupon; no doubling or increase in value will be allowed.
  • Uptown Grocery Co receives information about valid printable coupon expiration dates and may reject coupons that have altered expiration dates.
  • Coupons will be rejected if they appear out of proportion or blurry, or are obvious duplicates.
  • Coupons will be rejected if they appear to have been altered in any way.
  • Uptown Grocery Co reserves the right to refuse any type of coupon at any time.
  • Uptown Grocery Co does not accept competitors coupons.
  • Coupons can be checked for validity at http://www.veri-fi.com.
  • If you have any questions please visit with the store manager.