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We have only left the building, not the neighborhood.

August 6th, 2019

Monday, August 5th, we closed the store at 2001 NE 23rd and Martin Luther King. There had been much hope that the old building would have been demolished four years ago, and for our team to now be a part of an already constructed new store… designed to be reflective of the Northeast community.  In the meantime, the building infrastructure and plumbing has deteriorated beyond repair, despite thousands of dollars and many attempts to keep it operating. We did not anticipate the urgent timing of this as we had just held a job fair two weeks ago continuing to seek new talent.

We understand that the community is disappointed at our poor communication as to why we are closing now.  We ask for forgiveness. Optimistically, we had hoped to find an 11th hour solution.  We also chose to spend our time during the past six days seeking ways to extend the looming closure date as far into the future as possible to give opportunity to facilitate plans for continued employment for our store staff to other locations.

To help our friends and neighbors continue to access groceries we are taking several steps:
  • We are donating refrigeration equipment to area non-profits and churches to aid in food distribution,
  • We are donating food to area organizations as well, and,
  • We are offering free delivery service to zip code 73111 from now till September 2, 2019 by visiting 
We sincerely regret that we must close. Even the Smart Saver format at this specific location was only to have been a temporary format to maximize the small footprint...
To our customers, we have loved serving you these many years and appreciate your support of our grocery store and our employees.  We will miss seeing you weekly. We have developed friendships and relationships with so many of you and it has been our honor to serve you on this corner.  We would just say, we have only left the building, not the neighborhood.

On the broader scale, for those who have shared grief and disappointment that “King’s Crossing’s” has not come...yet.  We give you our prayers and ask for yours. You are all worthy of the best! God Bless the NE!

Feel free to contact the Director of Executive Office: Simone Graves by email

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