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Lunch Box Ideas Kids Can Pack Themselves

For many families, back to school means a return to packing lunches. Making sure that your children are well-fed 365 days of every year is hard enough, but adding 180 school lunches can feel downright relentless. I understand and am here to offer relief. Get ready for the most liberating school lunch advice you'll ever receive: Let your kid pack their own lunch box.

Packing Lunch Is Empowering for Kids No, it's not passing the buck or even punishment — you'll be surprised to see that your kids may even take some joy in being in charge of their own lunch. Allowing kids to pack their own lunch boxes is empowering. They might not love doing it every single day, but they can be in charge of a significant part of their diet, which goes a long way towards a healthy relationship with food and cooking, even when they make less-than-optimal choices. And, yes, getting your kid to pack her own lunch frees you of the daily task. It's okay to reap benefits while teaching your kid a life lesson. It's smart, even. Here are seven lunch box ideas that kids can easily make themselves. Get ready to sleep in, you know, an extra five minutes. The Keys to Help Kids Pack Their Lunch Keep the pantry stocked with healthy staples. Keep school lunch in mind when you make dinner, because leftovers are lunch box gold. Keep a posted list of ideas available for kids to choose from.

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