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Healthy Sandwich Meals

Sandwiches are a great quick meal and there are plenty of ways to make them healthier and to complement them with healthful options. Here are some tips:

·         Start with whole grain bread.  There are many varieties to choose including whole grain pita pockets, mini bagels, thin flat bagels, tortillas, sliced bread, buns and English          muffins.

·         Try mashed avocado for a sandwich spread. It is very low in sodium and a great source of healthy monounsaturated fat.

·         Select a lean protein like skinned chicken or turkey breast, lean sliced roast beef, tuna or a low fat luncheon meat instead of a higher fat option.

·         Load it up with raw vegetables.  Dark green leaf lettuce or fresh spinach leaves, tomato slices, purple onion rings and cucumber slices are great options.

·         Add raw vegetable crudités like carrots & celery sticks, cauliflower and broccoli florets, jicama slices and radishes to increase the vegetable intake.  Serve with hummus

·         Include some dairy.  Sliced low fat cheese on the sandwich, a carton of fat free yogurt or a glass of skim milk complement a sandwich nicely.

·         Enjoy fruit for dessert.  Try a sliced apple or pear, banana, orange segments, grape clusters or fruit cup.



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