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Did You Know Potatoes Are a Health Food?

Potatoes, including the skin, are packed with healthful complex carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber that are vital for good health.

They contain phytonutrients which are food components being studied for their role in protecting us from certain diseases.

  • The key to keeping potatoes healthful is the preparation. Many traditional potato recipes contain lots of fat and sodium because of the fat and salt added in preparation. Examples are traditionally prepared fried potatoes, a huge baked salted baked potato (loaded with butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon) mashed potatoes, potato salad and potato soup.
  • Below is a great Cream of Potato Soup recipe that is much lower in calories, fat and sodium than many traditional potato soup recipes. Enjoy!

Becky Varner, MS RD LD

See Becky's recipe for Cream of Potato Soup on!

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