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Valid from May 27th to June 2nd
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3.5in Phalaenopsis Orchid
19.99 ea
5in Phalaenopsis Orchid
24.99 ea
All Natural Chef's Prime
Pork Chops
2.49 lb
All Natural Medium Pork Spareribs
1.99 lb, cry-o-vac
All Natural Pork
Country Style Ribs
1.79 lb, valu pak
Baker Potatoes
57¢ lb
Cabot Cheese Chunks, Shredds or Cracker Cuts
2/$4 7-8 oz
Cavit Pinot Grigio
18.79 1.5 lt
Charter Reserve Genoa Salami
6.99 lb
Charter Reserve Gran Sabor Turkey
6.99 lb
Charter Reserve Sun Dried Tomato Turkey
6.99 lb
Charter Reserve Turkey Off the Bone
6.99 lb
Chex Mix or Bugles
4/$5 6-8.75 oz
Cowboy Roll
9.99 8 pcs
Cupcake Moscato d'Asti
12.19 750 ml
Daisy Sour Cream
3.98 48 oz
Deer Creek Rattlesnake Cheddar
15.99 lb
Del Mar Wine Seltzer
8.49 4 pk
Digiorno Pizza
4.99 17.2-31.5 oz
Dole Kits Assorted Varieties
2.97 8.3-13.25 oz
Entenmann's Donuts Bag
2/$3 10-10.5 oz
Extra Large Seedless Red or Green Grapes
1.97 lb
Freedom Dozen Roses
9.97 ea
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillet
8.99 lb
Fresh Copper River King Salmon
39.99 lb.
Fresh House Made Gourmet Burgers
7.99 lb
Fresh Oysters
88¢ ea
Frick's Applewood Bacon
6.99 24 oz
Frito Lay Fritos or Cheetos
2/$5 6.5-10 oz
Grana Padano
19.99 lb
Henning's Mild Cheddar
7.99 lb
Homestyle White Bread
2.29 18 oz
Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding
1.28 1.5-6 oz
Juicy Juice Select Varieties
2/$5 64 oz
Key West Lime Bars
2.49 ea
La Marca Prosecco
12.99 750 ml
Lady Love Roll
4.99 6 pcs
Little Potato Micro Potatoes
2.97 1 lb
Nabisco Family Size Cookies or Crackers
Select Varieties
3/$10 10-25.6 oz
Nature Valley Granola Bars
2/$5 5.3-8.9 oz
Oscar Mayer Basic Lunchables
3/$5 3.4 oz
Pillsbury Cake Mix Select Varieties
4/$5 15.25 oz
Pillsbury Frostings
4/$5 15-16 oz
Premium Green Beans
97¢ lb
Quarter Sheet Cake
17.99 ea
Sara Lee White Sandwich Bread
1.68 24 oz
Schmitt Sohne Relax Reisling
11.39 750 ml
Smart Ones Entrees
3/$5 4.4-10.5 oz
South Carolina Peaches
1.47 lb
Sticky Buns
4.49 6 ct
Super Select Cucumbers
39¢ ea
Tomatoes On the Vine
97¢ lb
Uptown Signature House Chips
3.50 lb
Vidalia Sweet Yellow Onions
77¢ lb
White Nectarines
1.97 lb
WIll & Wiley Hard Seltzer
15.99 12 pk
Wonder Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns
2/$3 8 ct
Yoplait Yogurt Select Varieties
10/$5 4-6 oz
Zebra Roll
6.99 8 pcs

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